The mission and focus of High Performance Associates (HPA) is to enhance and maximize the performance of individuals and teams across a broad spectrum of clients in the business, sports, arts academic markets, and government agencies. .

HPA has developed a proprietary model, ‘The Immersion Model’, which involves the nuanced, interdisciplinary application of multiple methodologies from performance, sport, communication and industrial/organizational psychology to achieve excellence directly in the workplace. HPA’s expertise has been cited by the NY Times, ESPN, Time Magazine, The Economist, SB Nation, National Public Radio, NY Post, USA Today, Newsweek, MTV, Popular Science, and other news/journalistic outlets.  

Through The Immersion Model, HPA has provided an impressive array of performance consulting services for a wide variety of companies and organizations, both public and private, as well as for profit and not-for-profit.  Clients include professional sports franchises and athletes (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, ATP), universities and academic associations, leading international hedge funds, financial services companies, and industry leaders in the technology, commercial real estate, and health care markets. Services include team development; business and strategic planning; executive and athlete coaching for high performance; Executive Assessments and selection; and team workshops and retreats.



HPA was founded by two managing partners, who are seasoned psychologists with doctoral training from top universities. The partners have a unique set of professional experiences working with elite business, athletic and artistic professionals. HPA brings over 50 years of collective experience helping high performers and teams excel.  This experience enables the firm to apply a wide variety of ‘best practices’ to each of its clients, both within and across industries.  Each partner brings a unique set of experiences to the firm, while simultaneously sharing the core principles and values of performance enhancement that drive The Immersion Model.  This set of experiences includes:

National recognition in the field of sport/performance psychology and individual performance enhancement;
Officer and C-level corporate experience in multiple organizations;
Olympic and international level experience in team and leadership development;
An effective track record of performance advising across a broad range of clients;
Doctoral degrees in the psychology of human behavior.

We are committed to "The Immersion Model" in which our advisor is an active, visible participant in your workplace. Ready access to the advisor allows for both planned and spontaneous contact that will enhance your individual and team productivity and effectiveness.














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