Immersion Coaching:

This is the most comprehensive application of our high performance work. The immersion model brings one of our partners into your organization each week. Ready access to this performance coach for scheduled and spontaneous work gives your team a unique opportunity to enhance productivity and effectiveness. Specific performance plans are developed, along with careful follow-up assuring the continuity and consistency that is only possible with our immersion model. Assessment, planning, organizationally integrated performance coaching and follow-up is our blueprint for organizational improvement.

Executive Coaching:

Our partners have extensive experience coaching senior executives, elite athletes, and professional performers. We can meet individually with your key executives to develop specific performance plans that will bring about a higher level of achievement and satisfaction. Personal and professional issues that effect performance are addressed with a practical, solution-focused method.

Team Workshops:

Teamwork is an essential activity for every high performing organization. Through our work with Olympic and professional athletes/teams and the corporations that support and sponsor them, we have developed a series of workshops that we customize to address your organization's objectives.

Executive Assessments and Selection:

Our partners are certified Big Five Consultants and help many companies with their recruitment and selection of C-level and top executives.  This service includes in-depth assessments using the Big Five Workplace Profile, and analyzing potential hires for cultural and leadership fit and risk factors.  It also includes coaching senior executives to higher performance after completion of the Big Five Workplace Profile.

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